The Farm - The Silos at Prairie Vale

The Farm at Prairie Vale was formerly a dairy farm. The farm has changed hands a few times over the last century. Everyone who has owned the house after the original owner has made their improvements. They have enclosed the porches on the west and south side of the house. They had also added the upper and lower rooms on the north side. Mr. Billings used the downstairs north room as his milk office. Mrs. Billings had also added mansion moldings and trim work from a Windsor mansion that had been destroyed by a tornado. She told us that during the renovations they found a 1910 newspaper behind the walls.

My husband grew up across the road from Prairie Vale and has memories of the days when it was a big dairy farm and the cattle roamed far more than the 14 acres we have now.

When we bought Prairie Vale, it was no longer an operating dairy farm and the vast fields had been sold. However, the old dairy barn still remains to tell the story of its former glory. We also added to the house. We put a wrap around porch on the North and West sides. We also expanded the kitchen and changed the downstairs milk office into a master bedroom. It has been a labor of love, but enjoy each day on our 14 acre farm that we call home. We raise several animals and grow herbs and vegetables in the garden.

The Kitties

 We have several very friendly cats. They come when called, usually. They love attention and like to be petted.


Coming soon!


Two mamma mini goats are very pregnant and expecting any day.

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